Official website for the seminal Boston-based roots-pop-cowpunk band, most active from 1984-1990.


It's here! All of Scruffy's Relativity output, remastered by the estimable (inestimable? I always get those confused - whichever one means "awesome") Pete Weiss, available through all digital channels as "Time Never Forgets - The Anthology ('86 - '88)." Only $10 for the whole shooting match, for a limited time!




Also on Spotify and other streaming outlets. In fact, if you listen to or buy music digitally, it's probably available wherever you do that! Enjoy!

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Charlie Chesterman - guitar, harmonica, vocals
Stephen Fredette - lead guitar, vocals
Mac Stanfield - bass
Randall Lee Gibson IV - drums
Stona Fitch - electric banjo, mandolin, accordian, keyboards (1984-87)
Burns Stanfield - keyboards (1987-90)

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Discography, Gigography, and more!

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